When daughters amaze you

Photo from Twitter.com

My twelve year old daughter is probably the wisest person I know. She surprises me on a regular basis. When I was having a particularly bad down day she sent me this quote to try and lift my mood. Even more surprising is the fact that she herself is physically ill. She has suffered from ME since she was six years old. Her first bout last a few months. So far this bout has lastest two and a half years, that’s how long she has been out of school. She missed the final year of her junior school and the first year of secondary and is now two months into Year 8.

Despite her illness she is always upbeat. Apart from her really bad days she still studies; her school sends a tutor twice a week. She is fortunate that she is extremely clever and her SATS levels haven’t dropped much despite her prolonged absence from education. She seems to be improving albeit slowly. She has started horse riding for an hour a week which considering she was bed bound for four months at the beginning of this bout is more than a step in the right direction.

Many weeks ago when I was in the midst of receiving horrid messages from my mother and her husband she asked me why I was upset. I didn’t go into any details merely told her that we had fallen out. She looked at me and said, “it’s not a free pass you know”. “What”, I said. “Being a parent” she said, “it’s not a free pass. It doesn’t give you the right to say nasty things to your children.” And she is right, it isn’t a free pass. Nobody has the right to talk to anyone how I was spoken to but especially not a parent.

My daughter wasn’t supposed to be. I went through early menopause ten years before she was conceived which was two months after my father-in-law passed away. She was born exactly a year after I was told I would never have more children . Then when she was six months old she survived bacterial meningitis and septicimia. She fought and fought and survived.

My daughter amazed me as a baby and never ceases to amaze me the older she grows. She will be one amazing woman.

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